Dream Guard

A life insurance plan that ensures that your monthly contributions made to a financial institution
to meet a set target amount over an agreed duration is insured against death and disability and also retrenchment


Product Features

Covers the Main Life only

Maximum Sum Assured is GHC 500,000.

The minimum age at entry is 18; with maximum age at entry being 60.

Maximum Cover Ages

  • Permanent Disability-Up to Age 65
  • Death-Up to age 70
  • Retrenchment-Up to age 65

Policy Term

  • Minimum policy term – 5 years
  • Maximum policy term – 10 years

Free Cover Limit (FCL)

  • The free cover (non-medical) limit is GHC 200,000.

There will be medical underwriting for any sum assured above the FCL.

Some below FCL might undergo medical based on underwriting decision.

There shall be a waiting period of six (6) months for persons who do not undergo medicals for Death and Permanent Disability. And a 12months waiting period for Retrenchment irrespective of medicals


The life insurance plan that you need to ensure your monthly contributions meet its set target

For more information, Please call 0302763908 or email enquiries@petrasales.com

Benefits of Dream Guard


Making a Claim

Reporting a Claim

Petra Sales Agency Officer must be notified in writing
  • In the event that the Life Assured passes on: within one (1) year from the date of the death
  • In the event of a Total Permanent Disability, within three months after the deferred period
  • In the event of Retrenchment, within 30 days after the date of retrenchment

Claim Procedure

  • A completed claim form
  • The original Document of Insurance.
  • Any national form of identity that establishes the name and date of birth of the policyholder and/ or claimant: Voters’ ID, Driver’s license, Passport or NHIS card.

The following under listed documents are also required depending on the type of claim